Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yes, All Shall perish Live Kuala Lumpur 2011!!!

TODAY, 11 December 2011, i guess christmas comes earlier for us metalheads..huhuhu

See you there, its time for an eradication

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Sale 2011

The Big Bad Wolf book sale 2011..Headed there on friday with my book buddies Kel and Pei Yei . After doing  a little tour of UPM..Hahahaha..we finally reached the place..spent around 5hours there..It was fun but there were pro's and con's to the sale..


  1. The books were cheap..RM8 for a Novel..RM15 for a was book heaven..
  2. The condition of the books were good..worth it!
  3. the books were pretty organised for a book sale..not neat and perfect but bearable..
  1. The was big..but not so easy to get to..was kinda of a hassle..
  2. variety of books  were not to good..could seen that it was more of a clearance..with loads of the same book all over the place..
  3. What's with the stock up of Romance books..mayb was just me but i felt like there were more romance books than other genre's..ahahaha
Well the overall damage was 28 books for just over RM200..
Now thats definitely a bargain!!

Oh and you get a free 3 YEARS membership with book xcess chopped on your receit..and you can redeem it within 90 days..
That was just like icing on the cake..

Overall  7/10

Sunday, October 2, 2011

spot on..hahaha

Hiatus of blogging...

So its been awhile...nearly a year since i last posted something here..

I'm back.. at least i hope i am...hahaha

so stay tuned!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello there i hav got Tumblr..

just made a tumblr will posting more stuff thr...
check it out:


Friday, September 10, 2010

J.Scott Campbell

need i say more..the images speak for themselve..
J.Scott Campbell one of my fav artist..wish he'd do more comic run and not just covers..
but still and awesome artist!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier [2010]

this is Iron maiden at their best..which makes me wonder when were they not..hahaha
awesome album..really worth a listen..this guys just keep getting better and better like a good bottle of wine..
the songs have become more and more progressive there's and epic 11min track as well...and the lyrics are mature and really well written...this is a complex Iron maiden album
you may need to listen to it a few times..
but its awesome it just gets better with each listen...Check it out and go get the album..cause im certainly buying it...

"We always set out to come up with the strongest songs possible, melodies, and try and do what Iron Maiden does best... I’m moved into different areas to more progressive pieces, more intricate, which I think is the band’s forte... We only write what we need. Obviously everyone comes in with a load of ideas, it pretty much was a band effort. I think Steve these days is more into arranging and writing lyrics and melodies. I came up with quite a lot of music, six or seven songs and Janick wrote some also.Bruce wrote lyrics and melodies as well. So it was pretty much was a group effort, probably more than in the past." wikipedia

its been awhile....

so its been kinda long since i last updated...haha
anyway i just got my final year results and i got my law degree...woot!
been working at HSBC for the a month been really fun..
i'll just do a short Review on a book i finished reading awhile back...

a prior warning..i bought the extended and uncut edition and its a thick(1000pg plus thick..hehe)
but i can say with total certainty its was one of the best book's I've ever read, and the thickness didn't bother me at was worth the time...

the story starts out straight at the start of a virus being accidentally released..
and from their a chain of of events starts and the death of 3/4 of the population happens due to a government made virus..
King does a brilliant job of taking us through the lives and things that the main characters experience before and during the outbreak of the plague..
this is king at his best giving us horror not in blood and gore, but with the worst kind of horror
known to man FEAR...
and from then as the plague sub sides slowly we see the main characters who have some how been immune to the deadly plague start to fight for survival and regroup..its the rebuilding of society and structure..and in the mids of this another twist so deadly and supernatural in nature involving an old lady the vessel of light and a strange man the vessel of the dark..
as these survivors chose their sides two groups face a final stand for humanity..
this book is experience like no other..
A beautiful read..a master class in horror/apocalyptic style stories..
pick it up if you have not read it..get the extende edition if u've read the regular edition..
in my opinion the little bits that are included here just gives the story a more whole feel to it..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unexpected Mercy Featured on Junk online

"What's this?", you may ask. Well, from now, every Friday. we'll be profiling some amazing bands from around the region, and guess what, YOUR band could be one of those profiled too! If you want to be profiled on our Getting To Know column send your profile and relevant links (YouTube, Facebook, etc) to But for our first edition of Getting To Know, we shine the spotlight on Unexpected Mercy, one of KL's up-and-coming metalcore acts!

The Lowdown

Unexpected Mercy is Joey Lai on vocals, Joshua Ericsson on the bass, Russell Especkerman on lead guitar, Daniel Tan on the synths, and the brother-sister duo of Ian and Vivian Ng on guitar and drums respectively. Yes, their drummer is a girl, and a pretty kickass drummer at that! Formed in 2007, Unexpected Mercy went through a series of line-up changes before settling down to create death metal-fused metalcore in the vein of a really heavy The Devil Wears Prada. They've so far recorded two blistering songs with Nash from The Band Shop, and the tracks, 'The Weakness Within' and 'Shining Forth' are shining examples of well-written Christian metalcore that's never explicit about their beliefs but still conveys a clear message on what this band is about.

It's something of a rarity to see a metal band composed of non-Malays in the local scene, but nonetheless it's more proof that music crosses all boundaries as Unexpected Mercy have begun making a name for themselves by playing at shows like the Wolles Fest, and more recently the Tribute To Jesper Stromblad. They'll also be opening the next edition of the Keramat Durjana Festival in 2011, which will see them alongside the whos-who of Malaysian metal, like Black Territory, Massacre Conspiracy, Heterodox, Thy Regiment, and much, much more.

So to get to know more about these guys, we sat down with Joey and Ian over lunch one sunny day to give us a better picture on who Unexpected Mercy are.

Check out the whole article here :

Junk Online - Getting to know Unexpected mercy


Monday, July 26, 2010

she keeps appearing in his dreams,
no matter how hard he tries,
he cant wipe her from the story,
she just pops up in every though...

he tries to steer wide,
but still her face is what hits him in the end,
the uncertainty kills him,
but the truth is scarier...

revealing would tear the fabric of both their realities,
shatter the very foundation they stand upon,
yet he cant let go of her,
his subconscious lets her run free in his mind...

he fights to move away,
but every time it comes back to the same,
she's still lingering, and he's still wondering,
going through the possibilities again and again...

wearing his heart on his sleeve,
he'll be just fine,
when everything breaks in his face,
he will just smile.

when the hand of time grabs at his heart,
sitting in the dark corner he waits to depart,
her smile lingers on in his mind,
will she ever know how much he believed.

every wind of chance has flown by,
the moment is long gone,
trapped within his memory chamber,
forever to rewind the possibilities of the times..